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The Differin Clear90TM App

Your Guide to Clear Skin

The journey to clearing up your acne doesn’t happen overnight (bummer, right?), but with Differin Gel it can take just 90 days. The secret? Consistency. The Clear90 app will get you into the daily routine of using Differin Gel to clear up your acne by guiding you every step of the way. Think of it as your own clear skin-obsessed life coach.

Track Your Progress.
Take a Selfie.

Track Your Progress.
Take a Selfie. Repeat.

Differin Gel fights acne best when it’s used once a day, every day, and at the same time of day. But new routines are tough. The Clear90 app will hit ya up with daily reminders to keep you on track.

Use the Clear90 app to snap a selfie every day and, at the end of 90 days, you’ll be able to look back at a time-lapse of your journey to clear skin. Don’t forget to smile!

A Little Mo’ Motivation

Every journey needs someone to cheer you on, so we’ll send you tips and product discounts as you make your way to 90 days.

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